1. (5th/6th) Divisions-16 min halves. All divisions are running clock and stopping in the last 2 minutes on every whistle in both halves.
  2. Games can start before the scheduled time if both coaches agree. There will be a minimum of a 2-minute warm-up period before each game. Halftime will be 3 minutes.
  3. There will be a 5 min grace period given before a forfeit is awarded. Teams must show up within 5 minutes of their scheduled game times. No exceptions. Teams should arrive at the gym 30 minutes before their scheduled game time.
  4. Timeouts… Each team will be awarded (2 -30 second timeouts per half)
  5. Overtime: sudden death will determine the outcome; the first team that scores win!
  6. Players cannot participate for more than one team. After 2nd Session (Dec.18th) All Rosters are locked! No more players will be allowed to be added. If a team is founded to be breaking either of these rules or has players that are not in the appropriate grade divisions (players cannot play down at all) that player will be suspended from winter league for the entire 2022/2023 season. Also, that team will forfeit the game and will be placed on probation. Any further incidents and that team will be terminated from summer leagues for the season without a refund. Please always have proof of grade for all players with you if needed. Also, all teams must turn in a roster (that we will provide) of the current and permit player for the rest of the winter league before they can participate in the following sessions (no exceptions).
  7. Players are disqualified from the game with 5 fouls.
  8. Each team is responsible for their own warm-up balls and the Home Team is responsible for the official game ball and keeping the official scorebook.
  9. Free throws on shooting fouls will be one shot that will count for 2 or 3 points based on the attempted shot.
  10. Free throws will be shot at 10 teams fouls, and it will be one shot that will count for 2 points. (No bonus-so no shots on 7 team fouls, only double bonus & it’s one free throw shot)
  11. If up by 20 points with 2 min remaining the game will be stopped & ended.
  12. Seeding for the Summer League Championship will be based on each team’s win-loss record throughout the league’s regular season. In the event of a tie, the following will be used to determine seeding: 1. head-to-head (2 teams) 2. Points Allowed 3. Points Scored

Hardwood Inc. Winter League 2022/2023 Rules